︎ Four Day Week

Animated short for the Four Day Week Campaign. 
The world of work has changed: we need to embrace it! Governments, multinational firms, small start ups and trade unions around the world are waking up to a powerful but simple idea: we should work less to work better.


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︎ Creative Review
︎ shots
︎ The Drum
︎ Adweek

Director: Ian Pons Jewell 
Company: ProdCo
Executive Producers: Emmanuelle Le Chat & Jackson Forsythe
Script: Damian Le Bas

Voice Over:
English: Stephen Fry;
Spanish: Paz Vega;
Japanese: Marika Matsumoto

Animators (in order of script):
Pia Graf
Amanda Bonaiuto
Alex Jenkins + Juan Carlos Roberto
Matteo Dang
Dal Park
Cheng-Hsu Chung

Audio Post Production: String and Tins
Sound Designer and Mixer: Jim Stewart
Sound Supervisor: Will Cohen
Additional Sound Design: Aumeta
Audio Producer: Laura-Leigh Smith
Music Supervisor: Tim Harrison 

©2022 Dal Park